Go global, serve local: accelerating growth with Unbabel

Google's international growth program has partnered with Unbabel to provide enterprises with multilingual customer support solutions.

  • Edmund Ovington

    VP of Global Alliances at Unbabel

  • Pooja Menon

    Strategy Manager, Customer Experience at Google

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For businesses expanding into new markets, the language barrier can be a major operational hurdle that impacts customer experience. For enterprises with an established presence in global markets, it often seems like the final frontier of scalability and agility.

Whether your international plans are in development or well underway, a native customer experience can boost both satisfaction and operational efficiency, along with revenue and customer lifetime value. You just need to make sure you’re using the right tools to support your customers’ local language needs.

Is your brand set up to succeed in international markets? How can you scale your business without recruiting more support agents? Discover the answers to these questions and more in this webinar with Google and Unbabel, as we discuss industry trends, challenges, strategies and solutions for multilingual customer support that can have a positive impact to your bottom line of winning new customers and building brand loyalty.

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  • Why you don't need to hire more agents in order to answer client's multilingual requests
  • Unbabel’s seamless translation technology powered by AI
  • Eliminating basic contact volumes through a multilingual help center
  • Delivering personalized customer service at scale, without sacrificing on quality

Hosted by:

  • Edmund OvingtonVP of Global Alliances at Unbabel

    Edmund drives value for Unbabel’s customer base through close relationships with key partners and investors (including Salesforce, Microsoft, Zendesk and Concentrix), as well as building out Unbabel's US operations from San Francisco. He has over 10 years experience scaling technology, specifically B2B SaaS, companies such as Yammer.

  • Pooja MenonStrategy Manager, Customer Experience at Google

    Pooja is supporting Google’s key advertisers to expand internationally by scaling, streamlining and strengthening their customer experience strategies. In her 9 years at Google she has launched and scaled various global operations including Ads support, vendor operations, support incubation and managed global programs and partnerships across advertisers, partners, publishers, consumers and retailers.