Building Operational Resilience into Customer Experience

COVID-19 has revealed that businesses can and should do more to build operational resilience into their customer experience. This Unbabel eGuide explores the meaning of operational flexibility and opportunities for innovation

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Adding Flexibility to Business DNA

The world is suddenly in a period of high stakes. People are anxious, reacting poorly, and need to be heard. Now is not the time to fail at customer service because long term opportunities abound.

What is holding business back?

This eGuide to understanding and creating resilience in customer experience is intended for customer service professionals and enterprise managers who need to respond to crisis quickly and who need insights and examples of what crisis management looks like…today.

What's inside

In this eGuide you will learn:

  • How operational flexibility will make a difference to business
  • How human capital will evolve
  • Why embracing customers will reflect back on businesses
  • How companies are responding to the COVID 19 crisis today
  • Chapter 1
  • Chapter 2
  • Chapter 3