50% reduction in support costs, 20% increase in traveler satisfaction

Customer excellence has never been so efficient. In our CX Handbook for the Travel Industry, we give you the lowdown on the technology that’s boosting customer experience and operational efficiency.

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As travel goes online, the human element becomes more essential

The age of the online travel agency is firmly upon us. And as customers take vacation planning into their own hands, they expect great customer support, on their schedule and in their preferred language. Although great customer support is a critical differentiator, businesses in the industry continue to face huge challenges in delivering efficient always-on support at scale.

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Leveraging digital tools for a personal touch

Thanks to advances in artificial intelligence, it’s possible to more proactively map travelers’ experiences. By incorporating machine learning into various stages of the user journey, airlines and OTAs can ease pain points, anticipate customer needs, and consistently exceed expectations.

Traveling light with AI

Always-on support is no longer just a numbers game. Enterprises can extend the capacity of their existing support staff with an AI-powered toolkit. Fully scalable support solutions are allowing major brands to dial coverage up and down for season and incident peaks and centralize support operations under one roof. Translation? A consistently great customer experience for customers in any timezone.

What's inside

Our Travel Handbook gives you a crash course in:

  • The state of customer experience in the travel
  • Meaningful ways airlines and OTAs can leverage AI
  • Harnessing data to understand customers’ needs
  • Operationally efficient multilingual support

In short, everything you need to know to level up your customer experience.

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