Breaking the speed limit with support translation

TomTom was facing challenges delivering multilingual support at the speed its customers required. That’s where Unbabel came in.

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Reduce your multilingual TaT with scalable support translation

Unbabel’s unique blend of human and machine translation enabled TomTom to decrease email turnaround time by 42% — without sacrificing quality.

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TomTom's challenge: bottlenecks and backlog

Facing stiff competition from the mobile segment, the leading location technology specialist was looking to deliver customer excellence faster and more cost effectively than ever before. But hiring native-speakers for season peaks simply wasn’t sustainable.

Navigating multilingual support with Unbabel

To solve seasonal peaks and increase overall operational agility, TomTom turned to Unbabel. Low-cost integration via Unbabel API and an intuitive agent interface meant the TomTom support team in India could get multilingual support up and running fast. A year later, TomTom has seen support costs drop while CSAT has gone up by 12%

What's inside

In this case study you’ll find:

  • An overview of industry challenges
  • Insights into different approaches to multilingual CX
  • TomTom’s before and after story with Unbabel

In short, everything you need to know to level up multilingual customer experience.

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  • Chapter 3

Don’t just take our word for it

Unbabel can definitely answer a lot of contact center challenges. You can build a team with your best agents, regardless of the language they speak, and deliver great customer experience, while improving TAT and reducing costs.
Penny Weemer, Customer Care Manager