Native-quality support translation? You can bank on it.

Faced with surging volumes of multilingual inquiries, Monese, a leading digital banking platform, turned to Unbabel. The Monese support team layers Unbabel on top of Intercom to help customers bank like locals — no matter what language they speak.

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Banking without borders, translation without friction

Disruptive fintech products call for rock solid customer support. Unbabel gives fast-growing tech companies an efficient way to deliver customer excellence, at any time of day, in any language.

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The challenge: scaling support without losing that human touch

As Monese’s business grew, the demand for agile, empathetic customer support soared along with it. But nailing financial jargon, in every language, had been an insurmountable barrier to implementing tech-driven translation solutions. That’s where Unbabel came in.

Pitch-perfect support at scale

In Unbabel’s AI-powered, human-refined translation platform, Monese found a way to support its growing customer base without radically increasing the number of support agents. Unbabel’s robust linguistic resources made specialized terminology a non-issue. High-quality and eminently scalable, Unbabel has become a key component of Monese’s multilingual support strategy.

What’s inside

In this case study you’ll find:

  • An overview of industry challenges
  • Insights into different approaches to multilingual CX
  • Monese’s dramatic before and after story with Unbabel

In short, everything you need to know to scale your customer support operations without sacrificing quality.

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  • Chapter 3

Don’t just take our word for it

With Unbabel, we were able to start supporting even more languages and then we could really safely tell our customers that we can handle whatever you're going to throw us —whatever language they want to communicate to us in, we can handle it.
Daniel Wright, Support Lead Manager