Always-on multilingual support made simple

The iconic hardware manufacturer uses Unbabel to deliver efficient, on-brand multilingual support around the clock.

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Delivering customer excellence with fast, scalable support translation

Retailers have been localizing their product listing for ages, but providing multilingual support efficiently and at scale is a massive challenge. With Unbabel, Logitech can deliver support that’s always on-brand — and consistently ace customer experience.

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The challenge: jardon and staffing

At Logitech, customers might come to support teams with questions about custom mouse settings down to a thousandth of a DPI. Technical content like this has traditionally thwarted digital translation. But the high costs of native-agent support makes it difficult to maintain adequate levels of staffing.

On-brand around the world with Unbabel

Unbabel’s unique blend of human and machine translation enabled Logitech to deliver high quality support and extend their support team’s capacity.

What's inside

In this case study you’ll find:

  • An overview of industry challenges
  • Insights into different approaches to multilingual CX
  • Logitech’s before and after story with Unbabel

In short, everything you need to know to level up your customer experience.

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Don’t just take our word for it

We’ve been able to effectively translate customer-facing messages in Zendesk, without things getting lost in translation or confusion — not the Logitech brand, not the specialized terms that our customers use when they speak to us.
John Wie, Director of Customer Experience