How does King keep players engaged?

Learn how the leading social games developer uses Unbabel to deliver multilingual support at scale and strengthen relationships between agents and players.

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Seamless multilingual support for gaming

Even for the biggest games publishers, multilingual support remains an elusive challenge. But CS doesn’t have to be a single-player game. With Unbabel, King can deliver support that’s always on brand — and vastly improve player experience.

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The challenge: tone of voice and long-tail

King’s players speak dozens of languages, including a number of long-tail languages, like Vietnamese and Polish, that can be difficult to recruit for. At first, King looked to online machine translation as a potential fix — but the quality simply wasn’t there. To accurately translate the terminology and brand voice that players know and love, King needed a more powerful tool.

Beating the language boss with Unbabel

Unbabel Tickets delivers native-quality translations of customer emails inside leading CRMs — in King’s case, Zendesk Support. With Unbabel’s AI-powered, human-refined translation solution, King is able to deliver authentic customer service at scale.

What's inside

In this case study you’ll find:

  • An overview of industry challenges
  • Insights into different approaches to multilingual CX
  • King’s before and after story with Unbabel

In short, everything you need to know to level up your customer experience.

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Players appreciate a response in their native language. Our PSAT scores have increased.
Patricia Gomez, Head of Content & Insights